Cancer Research Training & Education

The UCCCC prioritizes science enrichment, research training and personalized mentorship for students as young as high school, giving them a jump-start on careers in cancer research and care.

Our students are ambitious and eager to invest their talents in better health outcomes for our communities. As participants in our pathway programs, they don’t have to wait!

Moment that Matters

An aspiring cancer researcher gets experience in the lab

Cristian Carpio is proof that research training programs can have a positive impact on youth interested in pursuing a career in biomedicine.

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Close partnership with Chicago Public Schools expands the UCCCC’s capacity to engage talented young people early in their education and training.

Each summer, we welcome high school science educators to participate in immersive cancer research through the Chicago EYES on Cancer Teacher Research Fellowship. Throughout the academic year, fellows collaborate with EYES leadership on novel curricula inspired by their projects and our scientific community. The program enhances teachers’ confidence and sense of authenticity as science educators.

In collaboration with Chicago Public Schools, the UCCCC also leads daylong curriculum enrichment workshops for groups of 30+ secondary science teachers from across the city. Teachers attend research talks, hands-on science demonstrations and tours of our state-of-the-art cancer research facilities. They work with UChicago faculty, staff and graduate students to link curricular content to the professional research world.

As part of our education outreach, UCCCC Trainee Associate Members are visiting South Side high schools to share their experience in cancer-related careers and advise students on opportunities to advance their own knowledge and skills.

RIGHTBOTTOM Physics teachers tour the laboratory of Kenneth Bader, PhD, to explore the application of wave-based technology to cancer research via the translation of therapeutic ultrasound for non- or minimally invasive treatment of cancerous disease.